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Welcome to Parimal
- A Temple of Fragrance

Throughout history, a wide variety of materials have been used in making incense. Historically there has been a preference for using locally available ingredients. For example, sage and cedar were used by the indigenous peoples of North America. This was a preference and ancient trading in incense materials from one area to another comprised a major part of commerce along the Silk Road and other trade routes, one notably called the Incense Route.

The same could be said for the techniques used to make incense. Local knowledge and tools were extremely influential on the style, but methods were also influenced by migrations, among them clergy and physicians who were both familiar with incense arts. Embark upon a journey and experience the aroma of well-known and blended fragrances as well as exotic ones - like Yatra™ . Yatra from Parimal is an offering that has captured the purest of its fragrances in one captivating form, epitomizing the successful saga of the company itself.

Our Mantra- “Every Prayer Is Answered”. Enrich and celebrate your life with one of our incense theme collections - to complement your spirit, faith and sense of feeling good. Most of us sense that our prayers and consciousness positively impacts our well being. Take care of your spirit and your spirit will take care of you!