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A fountain head of exotic aromas

World over, Parimal Mandir is known for its high quality products, reliable service and competitive pricing. Over half a century have passed with its products gaining stronger and deeper customer loyalty - all over India and 35 countries around the world. Parimal is perhaps the pioneer in building strong brands from its inception. 'Ashiyana', 'Dragon', 'Chaya', 'Manzil', etc. were its house-hold brands during the 1950s. 'Charulatha', 'PM Intimate', 'Mehak', 'Sputnik', etc. heralded Parimal into Masala bathis in the 1960s - and are still have a strong market preference.

The 70s saw Parimal's inroads into generic flavours such as 'Rose', 'Sandal', 'Champa', 'Jasmine', etc along with 'Red Rose' and 'Alexander'.

During the 80s Parimal pioneered the concept of fine-tuned branding into regional preferences - 'Gurudev', and 'Shantiniketan' for West Bengal became instant successes. Commemorating Indian Independence's Golden Year, 'Bharath Vasi' was launched, and is today a flag-ship favourite in over 25 countries.

he latest offering is by introducing a range of 'fine' Western fragrances in brands such as 'Jiyo', 'Masala', 'Kama Sutra', 'Feng Shui', 'African Spirits' and 'Scared Aroma' which are fine-tuned for a larger international clientele. 'Yatra' from Parimal is an offering, capturing the best of its fragrances in one, epitomising the successful saga of the company itself.