Terms and Conditions

Guidelines and Terms, subject to which, the incense sticks etc. are sold or are liable to be used:
  1. Guidelines for using incense sticks:
    • Use incense sticks with care and caution, with guidance of experienced person/s.
    • Keep incense sticks out of reach of children.
    • Do not inhale by mouth.
    • Avoid being negligent while using incense sticks.
    • Incense sticks are not intended for use in the treatment of specific medical conditions.
    • Avoid using the incense sticks without expert advice, if any of the following or such other, situations exist: asthma, breathing problems/disorders, pregnancy, high blood pressure, epilepsy, open wounds, diabetes, rashes, neurological disorders, abnormal skin sensitivity other health and health-related disorders or if taking prescription medications or homeopathic treatments.
    • Incense sticks are not edible and are not meant for any human or animal consumption.

  2. Incense sticks are liable to used as per the guidelines, in lawful manner, and not in violation of any law, rules, ethics and public morality, and should not be used in a manner which infringe the rights or privileges of any country, state, group or person.
  3. No person is liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, consequential or special damages to any party in relation to sale or use of incense sticks. At the most, Parimal Mandir may, at its sole discretion, may repay the price actually received by it, in respect of which, if any valid claim is made.
  4. In the event of differences and disputes, claims arising in connection with the use of incense sticks, all parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts in Bangalore in India Nothing herein shall limit the right of Parimal Mandir to take proceedings in any other court of competent jurisdiction or in more than one jurisdiction, concurrently or otherwise.
  5. All proceedings and disputes are subject Indian law.
  6. Visit this site for any future updates, amendments to terms and guidelines.