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Enveloping the world with fragrance

Yatra is from a country that is the abode of many Gods, where a journey is often taken to their doorsteps. The travel is across land and time with hearts filled with faith and souls brimming with devotion. Yatra reflects that passage for all of us - whether to honor one God or many. So is the fragrance of Yatra incense sticks. Its distinctive yet intangible aromatic quality is designed to invoke the supreme forces that we seek as we trek through life. No ordinary fragrance can appease your sensory wishes and desires like Yatra.

Are you are ready to attune with divine energy? Let the perfumed smoke of incense waft through your home or office, carrying with it, the power to purify and sanctify. You settle down onto a chair or pillow and begin to breathe. Suddenly you realize something isn’t right. You don’t feel the transformation, the higher vibration of sweet scent. And you realize - the generic incense you bought at the dollar store really doesn’t cut it. Its smell is harsh and piercing, chemical and cloying-anything but divine. Have you ever met someone who said they were allergic to incense or that incense gave them a headache? Odds are, it was synthetic incense and the chemicals it contains. The next time someone says that to you, offer him or her a stick of natural incense. Most of them will find that they can enjoy and revel in the scent without any of the ill effects of low-quality, synthetic incense.

Can you get past the synthetic sticks to achieve olfactory as well as spiritual bliss? Of course not, the stuff is loaded with artificial color and fake perfume, chemical fragrances, chemical binders and petroleum byproducts - everything but what the wisdom of the ancients would recommend. And not exactly what you want to be breathing - nor it giving a divine sensual experience. On the other hand if you’ve never tried incense, then think again and dare to use and compare. You’ll be surprised by the difference of Yatra.

Next time, look for natural incense made by real agarbathi experts and scented with pure herbs and plants. High-quality stick incense is made with essential oils, gums and resins, spices, and powder (usually sandalwood) blended and rolled onto a bamboo stick. Hand-rolled incense sticks or hand-pressed cones, while hard to find, are said to have the finest and purest of fragrances.

Parimal has revived the traditional Indian art of hand-rolled incense. All ingredients used in our incense are grown in the clean air and water with no chemical substitutes. But that’s not all it takes. Yatra, the fastest growing premium incense in the world, is made from rich natural ingredients that are hand picked from rare Indian forests. Then they are mixed and blended with pure natural fragrance oils which are selected to ingeniously calm the impetuous mind, relieve the fatigued body and stir the soul, just like the sadhus did in ancient times, with all the reverence deserved by a product bearing the name of life’s journey - Yatra